Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator, Affirmations, and Me.

image I’m in. 

With both feet, I’m in.  Scott Adams, Dilbert creator, in his recent book talked about affirmations.   (I’m assuming it was in his recent book because he took the blog posts down, and I had to seriously hunt for them in the cache of Google).

For a long time, i’ve plated around with them.

I wanted to believe, I wanted to reset and ralibrate my mind to make them work, but in practice they were always just a sconch off putting for me.  Felt like I shouldn’t need ‘em.   Felt like I should have my own identity.  Damn that Stuart Smalley.  

I didn’t believe.  I tried, but I felt stupid.  It was the inner lunatic or whatever.  Doing something without being 100% into it.  Dumb

I’m not gonna get all scientoligist on you, but I believe that we can create our own realities.  I believe that it takes massive action (you Secret people make me wretch with your lazy manifestations of material crap). I believe that you can do whatever you want. 

My evidence:

Scott Adams is inarguably more successful than me.  I’d betcha my wife’s hotter and smarter than his, but I’d concede virtually every other metric to the man, and I’ve never met his wife.  If Affirmations are his kludge, why not use ‘em?  I could probably, given time, invent my own kludge, but why?

I’ll be saying affirmations each morning.  With intention and all my heart.  I’m gonna write the goals I got down 3x daily.  I’ll have 6 total goals; 2 30 day goals, 2 90 day goals, and 2 year long goals.  Once I’m into that, I’ll add a couple more. 

Affirmations are the way to make the world the way you want it, starting from the inside out.  You make yourself by stating affirmations (I take action to achieve my six goals).  And then you expand the things you can control.  I’ve gotten the theory, but it’s time to quit being someone that talks about prospecting, to being someone who prospects.

Tension in the Creative Act.

My muse–what I want to create for the world–is hard to create.  To make something that didn’t exist before, out of nothing but the building blocks that everyone has at their disposal requires a distillation of insanity, presumptuousness, faith, and joy far beyond that which modern society considers healthy.

I was at Starbucks yesterday meeting a possible business partner, and I was in a great mood, exuberant and full of energy.  The ‘barista,’ there asked me what I was on, why I was so happy.   Wasn’t the first time someone asked me that.  What a damning indictment of human society if being joyful is such an aberration that it requires mention (and if truth be told, I was being reigned in to her level of misery).   That worked for a moment, my brain ruminated on this, and my blood pressure went up.  How dare she piss on someone for being cheerful?

Then I realized what had happened, I kicked that thought out of my head.  I won’t let strangers dictate the experience I’m having any more.

Creating something is the fulfillment of our individual soul’s greatest desire while it is an affront to our collectivist society.  Julia Cameron says that it’s an insult to God not to create.  Those that don’t create–she calls ‘crazymakers’.  They tell us that what we’re doing isn’t good enough, novel enough, unique enough.  And the spark that challenges their own sloth they work to insidiously extinguish.  This ‘they’ is all of us.

Every great creator–both artist and businessperson–has been attacked by the collective itself, even as the Collective benefits from the  spark.  There is some reversion to mediocrity that Leviathan wants.  Watch the reactions to starting a business.  Watch the reactions to moving towards a state of joy.

Watch people that wish to create get mollified by money and security.

Watch as people seek the approbation of what one friend called ‘stylish losers,’ to the point where they cease to recognize their own contributions, genius and talent.

There are any number of ways to run off course.  It might be easy to create, but first you have to drown out the cacophony of the world and it’s desire to assimilate all of us into the shuffling gray mass of mediocrity.  People seek to tear it down, even those that ‘love’ you.

This is what causes tension in the creative act, because it holds people accountable for their lack of contributions.  Scott Gingsberg says “but you didn’t,” when people call him to task for the notion that anyone coulda done what he did.

This is advice to myself.  I’ve known I find this behavior in myself; when I really am on the path to something that I believe in, I question the joy, I want to undersell myself and roll my eyes at the creative act. I find ways to sabotage my belief in my ability, my mind, and sometimes the end product that I created.  Because being earnest, guileless and sincere is sometimes pretty hard.

So I’m going to keep on creating what I know to be good and right.  I want you to do the same thing so the bar gets raised.

Dan Green, You Cool Dude.

imageIf you have the chance to talk to Dan Green, do it.  Period.   Wherever/whenever he summons you.  I got the call one Monday morning not too long ago.  He happened to be in Westerville not long ago to speak to the Real Living people about being a superstar blogger.

Since he gets DEALS out of his blog, hey, he’s qualified.  Major kudos to Harley Rouda, JR and company for getting him to show up and talk.   While I’m talking about Harley, I’ll say that Harley should can his relationship with his in house lender.  It may make you some money, but it costs you transactions and destroys your culture.  But I digress.

I learned  about his business and talked too much while we had a cup of coffee at the church of St. Arbucks (a pleasure I rarely get these days, and sadly, don’t miss).  He was selling me on the benefits of the Salesforce-driven MyLoanBiz, and he got me really curious. 

Anyway, I was sharing with him the Survival/Thrival Guide’s takeoff and I was a little bit sheepish about it.  I rolled my eyes…still in a little bit of shock that cool people like Tom, Tony, and Brian said nice things about me. 

Quicker than a jab from Sugar Ray Leonard, he said, “No.  Don’t do that.  If you don’t believe, nobody else will…if you think it’s stupid, don’t do it.”

OKfine.  He’s right, of course.  I don’t think what I’m doing IS stupid.  I do think 25 million dollar producers can become 30 million dollar producers by using it (or become 15 million dollar producers that work 10-12 hours a week, the path that I dig, cause I got me some new peak experiences).]

Not Quite Damascus, But the Combined Impact?

That moment may not have been an epiphany on the road to Damascus, but it was maybe like the first time you ‘get’ Dylan.   You can’t ever doubt yourself–because when you do, everyone else will too

Between him telling me to believe, and Gregg Swann telling me to cultivate indifference…I’ve got a lot of insulation from the idiots zealots and losers.  And that’s the reason to stick around the RE net.  Spend less time thinking stupid and un productive thoughts.

But what to do with the cognitive surplus that remains from not working on getting the approbation of dimwits?

I’m sure I’ll think of something.


You’ll see the sidebar has changed.  Note that I’m doing a call next Thursday.  It promises to kick ass.

In case you don’t read what I read?

Freelance Switch: 12 Great Ways For Freelancers To Increase Leads  HEY RE. NET.  THIS CRAP WORKS! 

Positivity Blog: Set a Great Example for your Children 

And my children?  That reminds me, I have to keep Jackson Potty trained.  So time to take him for his midnight run to the loo.

The Power Of Loose Ties, Longterm Networking.

For a long time, I’ve been blogging.  I’ve followed and been followed by thousands of people off and on (had I the ephiphany that I’ve had today, baby, I’d have EVERYONE OF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES).   And I learned something.  Even people that you used to follow are dimly aware of you 2 years after you stop.

I haven’t been on LiveJournal.Com in more than 2 years.

I haven’t posted updates, been part of the comunities (though a Realtor could do really well on communities like

At one point, I followed

I pinged him the other day to see if he’d do an open to my SurvivalCast (which is live and permanent starting tomorrow…I’m 3 weeks ahead of schedule), and what he’d charge.   He gave me the best price of all, and recorded 10-12 takes of my 2 sentences.  He had takes with both the gravatas of a 1940 news anchor to the Mirth of Harry Chapin’s “mornin’ DJ”.   What fun he was!

Anyway, there are tons of people that are in my network, that can do nifty things.  Not everyone would do it free, some would.  But a big network of loosely connected people is pretty valuable.  I have helped 5-6 people set up WP blogs, I’ve made introductions, and had a blast with this stuff.

And I’m taking it AS far as I possibly can.

RE.NET: This Is The Last Song.

This is the first second and last post I’ll ever make about the RE.NET. The first one is here.  After this post, I’m gonna give value to practitioners.  I might encourage people to stop bitching, but anyway…I’m still trying to work out my ‘what now|what next’ stuff with fear and trembling.  You praying types, and you California energy types, lift me up here.

Todd Carpenter impresses the hell out of me.  He’s gracious, kind, and he runs Lenderama, a PR5 significant blog that actually adds a TON of value.  He does it without pissing people off, and he remains interesting.  Every time I turn around, I see yet another project that he’s doing.  When he called for contributors, I chimed in in seconds.  I was initially worried about ‘picking sides,’ in the great Substance vs. Style RE debate.  Somehow he’s that rare bird that really does get along with all “cliques.”  He never says a bad word about anyone, and vice versa.  Yet here?  He’s funny as crap–without malice (though many people probably perceived malice, because people spend a lot of energy trying to get offended–Al Sharpton made a good career out of following up on that impulse).

This isn’t meant to be a love letter to Tcar.  It’s meant to shake my head at the absurdity of the RE.NET. 

Your Ideas–Not You–Are Under Fire. 

How many seriously bad ideas have I had?  Lots.  I’ve executed lots, too.  Most of ‘em are designed to try to avoid rejection.  Big winding things that beat around the bush if someone should or shouldn’t buy a home (or refi, or whatever) with me.  These ideas were terrible, and the fact that my broker or manager said nothing as long as my desk rent was paid is a testament to their LACK of character.  Basically, if the whole point of a marketing idea is to avoid rejection, pitch it.  It’s probably worthless.  Get your hands dirty.  Bang on doors. 

Because if you don’t…a less balsy agent is gonna be there.

And if you don’t…the client will get a milquetoast agent.

This market doesn’t need me too agents.  It needs mavericks, and if you didn’t get in front of enough people to provide them with AWESOME service.

You will be responsible for the bad service, declining industry, and other nonsense.

You know how grateful I am that someone taught me that I was wrong?  VERY. 

It’s sometimes necessary to rip apart an idea. The RE.NET has a paper thin skin.  Ridiculously bad ideas get a ‘ooh, yeah,’ chorus…while everyone goes broke together.  Bash cold calling?  Hell yeah–score.  Bash doorknocking?  Woo hoo, two points.  Bash Greg? Two more.   Have a vague “2.0” is idea that says it’s about communities?  2.0 points to you.

Do you have the itch to call someone’s idea bad?  Before you do, take this genuine quiz:

  1. Is the person Greg Swann or Jeff Corbett?  If so, you’re away.
  2. Are YOU Greg Swann or Jeff Corbett?  If so, you can’t criticize anything…even though you’re almost always in the right.  Anything you say can and will be misunderstood as hostile.
  3. Is the target of your criticism a “thought leader”?  If so, they don’t have bad ideas, regardless of the money their ideas waste, the time they waste, the false sense of security they provide.  You cannot criticize cool people, even when said cool people may be wrong.  The point of practicing RE.NET is to be cool in the eyes of cool people, not to make money, or increase your personal efficacy.

Nobody wants to put it themselves out there.  Most of us aren’t Russ Shaw.  Most of us aren’t at the level of notoriety that we need to be at to be insanely profitable on the net.  BOCTAOE.   What most of us need to do is to listen to Jeff Brown.  Roll up your sleeves, grind out deals–face rejection.  We are paid in this business for two things: 

  1. The ability to take rejection.
  2. The ability to absorb OTHER PEOPLE’S Money Stress.

The market handles these two roles appropriately–nobody wants either of them, so the combination pays well.  (Think about it: Warren Buffet deals with money stress on a grand scale…)

Are You Here To Give Value, Socialize, Or What?

I’m not gonna revisit this topic again.  I’ve said more or less I intend to.  The is 70% insular and stupid.  As Morgan Says, echo chamber.  And there’s a poverty of ideas, and encouragement to execute.  Lots of people are fantasizing about how stuff are, but a precious few blogs are out there working to make Agents more dough.  I’m gonna do all that I can to give as much as I can to the people that are driving this country.



ANYONE that is encouraging agents to GO DO…I’m with you.  Anyone that’s telling agents to be cowards, and that it’s okay to whine and whimper?  Shrivel and die. 

I will help people with the balls and brains not to be kept citizens make money and have fun again.  Take shots at me, and I’ll continue to cultivate my own indifference.  I don’t welcome shots–nobody sane does–but I’d totally suck if al I did was become a professional grade ass kiss.   I got enough friends and companions.  Most real estate agents and lenders are failing. Why would I want the approbation of failures? Why would we listen to nonproducers fantasize about the way real estate should be?  I’ve proven that I can produce any time.  What I need to

I am here to give as much value as I can.  I love the spark that makes people want to strike out a path and not be common corporate drones.   I will make that spark burn.   I will give ALL the recognition and encouragement possible to good ideas.    And I want to say this: if you have an idea that is lame, and will cause agents and lenders that follow it to be comfortable-yet-unproductive…

…you will draw GenuineWrath. 

EVERYONE blogging on the RE.NET has some good stuff to give.

Everyone has a mind that works.  Let’s use it, and forget about who said what. 

Seek to improve the quality of your thought, and evaluate feedback based on that method.

And power through Dips.


In case you’re not reading what I’m reading:

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This week the RE.NET has been devoid of much good.  Including this post.

Don’t Follow The Money.

In a serious Dip.  Normal stuff.

In my early stages of helping mortgage people, it occurred to me: don’t they deserve more than a lender doing it part time?  I think they do. 

I’ve got a clear definition of what I want to do–and that’s to help people’s ideas grow.  To help small businesses, and mavericks, and “offices unto themselves” succeed.  I want to make money doing it, but that’s an ~aside. 

I never want to be a “life coach,” or even a “one-on-one coach.”  I  want to create products and services that absolutely, positively make small businesses rock.  The 2.0 world means that

But if I’m going to hold myself out as someone who can help–I know I’ve been there before–I need to hitch my wagon to that star.   Be all in, with both feet, body soul and strength.  Do one thing, be the best in the world at it.

Effort–putting yourself out there to serve–is sacred positively sacred.  The reason that the Mortgage Industry Imploded…was because a lot of people were in it for the money.  Didn’t give a rats ass about the industry, their clients, the people…just 3 out the front, 3 out the back, legal maximum….whatever.

There is something noble about the industry.  People going to war for their clients on everything. 

People being unwilling to be kept.

A TINY spark of creativity at minimum is in everyone in the industry.  I want to help that spark with real good stuff.  Stuff as good and better than what Dave Savage (the biggest non out of touch trainer) is putting out. 

And do I want to stick to the mortgage industry exclusively?  I don’t think so.  What I want to do is create bootstrapping methods for mortgage, insurance, financial planning, and OTHER businesses.

For now, though, I want to sleep.