Killer WP Tool: Dagon Design’s Scheduled Post Plugin

Sometimes you can write with fluency and perfection.

Sometimes you can’t.

Sometimes you write posts tha don’t need to come out ant any particular time.

I’ve been having this WordPress dream for years.  That I’d have the ability to have a blog that runs itself.  When I create a content surplus, I can file it away.

That’s what Mat @ Dagon Design did.  He’s got a wicked collection of plugins.  The one that I love is this:

Scheduled Post Plugin.

Category driven, you can make it post in the future ONLY when you don’t post within x hours.

Think about that?  You then post every morning at 9, no matter what.

And you can do more in batches.

Friggin’ cool tool if you ask me.  Go get it and let me know if it has any issues.

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