The NAMBLA/KKK Weight Loss Plan


Let’s get something really, really clear.  I hate NAMBLA.  HATE.  (I won’t link, google if you must know what that horrible organization is and does).

I also hate HATE the KKK.  Of the organizations they are 1 and 1a in terms of “totally evil, but sadly, must be legal.”  That whole libertarian streak

I’m going to use these vile organizations to help me lose weight.  Stay with me here, I know it’s a stretch.

How To Use People You Hate For Goals You Want:

I’ve been in an accountability group for a while.  I’ve been focusing on selling 100 blogs.  That goal is on pace.   The one that’s not, though…I’ve gone through it in fits and starts, and it’s been an interesting journey for me.  Right now, I’m trying to lose 40# in 100 days.  About 40 days in, and I’m only down about 9 net pounds, and all of that was from a couple of weekends.   I’m doing better-but-not-great at the dinner table.  I’m doing badly at getting to the gym.  Flat out badly.  I need to work out more.  Nothing has worked–my intentions are good…but between sleep training Ruby and everything else, I’m just not making it.  So let’s fix it with something that MUST work.

So, I had an idea.  What if a kitten would die if I didn’t work out.  Sadly, both PETA and I agree with the premise that kittens shouldn’t die if I don’t work out.

So, I had another idea: what if I lost money from not working out.  (Note: when you’re less attractive, you lose money)  So I wrote out a check to a few friends, and told  them the score:  I don’t work out, they cash the check. Still, it doesn’t have the STING that I want.  Because I’m helping friends out.  And it’s a perverse incentive.

So, I thought: first, time I miss the gym it’s a warning.  I get a check written out to a couple of friends and they cash it.  The SECOND time.

Well, let’s just say that I become the Grand Wizard of NAMBLA.


So, 4 checks.  All with instructions: Cash this if I don’t prove that I got to the gym.  First check goes to my friends.  The second check?  That goes to NAMBLA or the KKK.

They BETTER do it.  PhilJesse?   Counting on you.  They’ve been sent SASEs.  I gotta go to the gym man.

I’ll probably up the ante a little bit and make a picture of my ‘food diary’ become necessary.

Anyway, the rule is this: I gotta prove that I was at the gym, or these puppies get cashed.

I gotta do this  till October 1st…then the checks I will void.

Bottom line: I get one day off a week, either Friday or Sunday, but not both.  I’ve got to post a video by 1am the next morning on Youtube proving that I was at the gym.  I don’t know of a practical way to prove a workout, but this is good.  I’ll also be taking a picture of what I ate and putting it here.  All this is in the sidebar to the right.  Please subscribe.   Rat me out.  I’m tired of the excuses.

My Gym is urban active, and here’s the first video I got:

These little accountability videos will show up in the side bar.  I’ll do the vids with my crappy Blackberry.  I would rather have a PXL 2000, but this will do.  Join me at to track my progress and encourage me not to deal become the Grand Wizard of Nambla.

Oh, also: if I go to run at the woods, that counts, too, but I gotta find a stranger to say what day it is and go on video.  Should be fun.

Fight Racism: Encourage Me To Get To The Gym.

I made a badge since Ryan wanted one.racism

63 FREE Autoresponder Headlines for A Long Term Campaign

So I’ve had some autoresponder fail for a long time.  I have decided to arrange my schedule in working for what I’m doing in the mornings, and in the afternoons work for other folks.  If he ever gets his magnum opus done (I’ve seen the notes) Remarkablogger has a very cool mastermind-level thing that helps you think.  He’s claling it ‘gateway blogging.’  Bug him to finish it because the notes are Goooooooooood.
Anyway, that said, he’s got a bit on profiling customers.  Describes how to do it.   You folks, reading this blog, are unlikely to be customers for my Guerrilla.ME blogging services.   Mostly the people that read me are friends and other bloggers with blogs.  So I do this for ideas…I am not selling anything to you (unless I go the affiliate route, and right now, I’m more interested in making honest recommendations that YOU KNOW I’m making to benefit you, not me, than collecting the bucks from selling excellent products like the Freelance X Factor).
Even though blogging is young, there are more people that are going to be blogging than are blogging.  We will need to share this “how to blog” info with people.  I made a bunch of autoresponder headlines that I’ll tighten up a bit to tell the story to my leads.  This will fix autoresponder fail because the story is a breezy 150-250 word dispatch that defines stuff for my prospects.
Steal at will.  If you use, please either linkback or gimme a testimonial to celebrate my genius.
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Debt: Making Good Men Bitches Since Time Immemorial

tax debt, tax issues, taxes,

For those of you that know me, you know that I’ve owed the IRS for some time.  It’s been a grind for me the entire time.   Monday, I got IRS Letter 2850 sent to me.  Excerpted below (click to embiggen)

tax debt, tax issues, taxes,

My principal balance is under $25,000 which is the IRS’s apparent Magic Number for not making you endlessly fill out form 433a. I don’t know, I’m not a Tax Attorney, not like my friend Phil Hodgen. (Note: preceding link was gratuitous and contains deliberate anchor text.)    This is down from over $93,000 in actual tax plus the juice that I ignored for a year:


Now, no doubt that there were some disproportionate consequences for my actions, but bottom line, 99% of this was my fault.  Or, 100% of it was my fault, really, but the consequences that come from being in debt to the IRS are pretty friggin’ severe.  I’m down to ~$35k, all in, no criminal investigations, no perpetual re negotiations, no more levies should hit me.   I’ll pay this off by next tax season, and I’ll be and stay ahead of my taxes.

I’m sharing this because this whole taste has soured me against finance.  I don’t want to be in debt–even if it costs me.  It adds a level of complexity and ‘bitchery’ to my life.  Debt saps my energy and it makes it harder for me to keep my promises.  I’m not doing it anymore.  I’m no man’s bitch.  I have to get out as soon as I can conceivably do it…and never look back.

Here’s why:  I had a great month in July.  But it just caught me up.  I didn’t get ahead, and I’m still waiting for my PPC bill to hit me so I can know how much I have (Google & Yahoo have never been accurate with their statements, have always been off).   I’m still surfing the payables. I will be till this thing is put to rest.  And when it is, I’ll turn the after burners on, get a little scratch up before I make another move.

Having this makes me work less hard.  I understand the conservative argument: it’s futile sometimes to keep grinding out work.  It’s futile to have to work & have all your money go to taxes.  It sucks to look at your family and not be able to do the things you want because you effed up your 20′s.  It sucks to pull in six figures and live like college students.  (Though, as usual Mark Cuban is rockingly right).  Paying a tax I don’t fully believe in kind of sucks.

Debt Slavery isn’t a lie.  I’m not stuck on consumer debt, but I screwed up.  I always thought that the checkerboard would arrange itself so I’d have one massive triple jump and be able pay everything off.  I thought I’d earn enough to swiftly and permanently punch my way out of this thing.  The way I expected things to roll was that I’d be able to pay it all off at once.  Reality doesn’t work like that.  I’m not gonna hold a winning track ticket and suddenly pay everything off.  Gotta chunk it down a little at a time, grind it till the interest stops being most of my income, and do the Debt Snowball thing.

So, a commitment:  I’ll update this about once a month.  Eventually I’ll do the google docs goal tracking thing, but I’ve got other fish to fry, auto responders to write, blogs to sell and a course to design.  Serving others at the highest level I know how is the way to punch through this wall.

A Preview: 8-15-09 I’ll have a course up.

I’ve gotta do it.  Seriously.

I’ve been a real estate agent, and I know about a sales cycle that ends in the winter.  I know that business gets hardeer in the winter than it is during these delirious and delicious summer days.

Hell, I’ve gotta do it because Brian lit the path so well.

That course is excellent for copywriters, that book was excellent for people starting a business.   Buy the freelance X factor.  I did.  I also didn’t include an affiliate link there, because I don’t want anyone to be confused: buy it for your benefit, not mine.

So It’s Time To Create a Membership Course

I’m not a coder.  I’m not particularly good at writing.  I know a limited amount of PHP, and I use consumer level programs on my Mac.  Yet, I have security financially.  I have money coming in every day.  I don’t use PPC, and I don’t use anything that’s past twitter.  I know a small amount about SEO, but I’m no Wolf.

I’m making money despite this stuff.  I’m making money that has allowed me to take a $140k debt down to $35k in 19 months.  [Honesty box: we live in a hovel in the Midwest].

“It” is translating my hardscrabble sales skills into helping freelancers get clients.  I don’t consider myself a freelancer trainer, but what I did provides peace of mind.  I still have cash crunches, but I don’t have to take short cuts, I don’t have to lie cheat or steal.

“It” is ensuring that every freelancer knows what I know: that our security is only in our ability to provide service to others.

“It” is to create a membership site–a brief training class, say 12 weeks.  This will give people the playbook for how I got business last December.  How I’ll get more this December.    Time is moving fast, friends.   Time is the enemy of freelancers.

Getting into the “broke cycle” sucks.  You get confused.  You get screwed up.  I know.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been levied by the IRS, I’ve been knocked around hard.   Your mind doesn’t work, not at all, when you’ve gotta sweat your living.  Freelancers, those that are striking out a path deserve to have some light on it.

This Christmas can be a glut of consumerist anxiety spending, or this Christmas can be a celebration of peace and prosperity.  Your choice.

Stay tuned, put your name in the box to the right, and in about a week I’ll have the details.

Details Friday.

Are You A Stupid Bull? Do You Charge The Matador’s Cape?


A male bull can weigh up to 3,800 pounds. All bone and sinew and rage and ferocity.  They can get up to 30 miles an hour at a full gallop.  Their horns can punch holes in car doors, they can toss rodeo clowns nearly 30 feet in the air.  There’s no questioning the sheer physical power of a bull, and his ability to impose his will on the world.

bull, bull fight, bull charge, bull charging capeBut, they are stupid.  At the end of the day they are the matdor’s bitch.

A matador knows that a bull has no cunning, just brute strength.   And bravery.   A bull can charge, a bull can lower its head and run forward.  And then its tricks are used up.  And if you can get the bull to charge a cape, you are safely unharmed.  Most bulls just charge capes.    They aren’t afraid, they just don’t think tactically.

I spent a long time charging capes.  I spent a long time spoiling for a fight and being ready to get mad.  Charging capes.  You slight me?  I go to war.  I don’t flail. I know that people at work hate it when it impacts them at home.  I know that people are gravely concerned about their reputations.  All of this war shit, it doesn’t matter.

And all my passion and energy is used up on nothing. I’ve gone to war, maybe even won.  I’ve let my will be known, and my tantrums have always, always had teeth.  I’ve always known the lessons learned in fight club: it’s damn near impossible to have anyone pick a fight with you.  This is true especially when you don’t live near readnecks.  Rednecks are crazy.  I don’t mess with rednecks.

I’ve got good war stories.  I’ve got times where I used my creativity to get my way, and where my willingness to do…literally anything has won.  But more often, when I win a battle, I creep out my friends.  “Better not piss Chris off” segues into “Chris is F#@%ing crazy, better stay the F#@% away.”  Being the dude that has the clever putdown has some acute limitations.  Nobody trusts you.

I’ve been a bull all my life.  Anything to get the job done.  And that serves its purpose.  Being a taskmaster has some upside.  But the downside is that you’re wasting time on stuff that doesn’t matter.  Your ego means that you need to win, or beat people.

Time to grow out of that, time to be peaceful.  Time to use whatever talent I have to uplift people, and ignore the buttons.  Time to help people.

Blogging Goals | Company Vision | More

list of goals, yellow legal pad, mission statement,

list of goals, yellow legal pad, mission statement, 100 days.  Not too much time, not so much that if I fritter it away anything will be OK.  Not too little time that if I get a little behind I’ll never do it.  But the deal is this:  I’ve got to go after sales at Guerrilla.ME.

I was given verbal info on my dispensation with the IRS.  Good times.  The figure is in the $35k range.  Managable, but it could get out of hand.  They are putting me on an installment agreement instead of a ‘submit financials all the time’ agreement.  Criminal Investigations won’t be a part of my life.  All good things.

So the uncertainty that has paralyzed me is gone.  The excuses for not taking action is gone.  And I don’t have to lay awake at night wondering what the dispensation is gonna be.  I just have to get after it.

And to get it out of my life, forever, is gonna take a big burst of work.  Something I’ve never done.  I need to knock this out.  My systems and videos are finally built.  If I learn to trust Infusionsoft, they will get better.

What I’ve done in the distant past is to use this blog for a forum to hold myself accountable.  I’m going to do it again–here.  That’s the current (and only) point of this blog.  To be accountable to what I wanna do in my business.  To expose my life to the point where you can watch me win.

000_0005So.  The pic to the right? A little macbook, and a foam core board with 100 spaces on it.  That will be who I sell.  I’ll put the URL in mind every time I sell & deliver a blog.  Blog sales are 45% of my revenue now.  I want that to be more.

The first post wes me at my sit down desk, thinking about what I want the vision of my company to be.  I want it to be different, I want it to be what I want it to be.  I want it to honor my customers.  I want to help and sell.  I have big dreams, starting with customers first, & meaning it.  Having a high level of service.

More on this in a moment.

For now, I’m committed to 100 new bloging customers in 100 days.  I’m doing it, period.

Want to be the first in the process?  Http://

As is always the case, more to come.

How Does Time Debt Impact Your Business?


time debt, debt clock, time clock, Right now a big problem in my life is incurring time debt.  It’s driven, in part, by the insecurity that has been created by the 80k beast that I have to feed each month.  Making progress there.  But right now, there’s a balance sheet problem that is created by time debt.

I take a gig.  Some gigs I have are worth $3500, some are worth $5,000, some more.  That creates an income event.  Because this economy is full of flakes, I generally am paid upfront fro anything less than about $5k.  I generally don’t want to work with someone that has more to deal with.

That creates something I owe someone right away.  A time debt.  I owe them, and am honorbound to spend time with them.  My cash position means that I have probably spent them money.  That creates anxiety in me because I’m beholden to someone.

I want to do a good job, and it’s hard when you’re screwy financially.  When you can’t say no to work, because you’ve got the beast of overhead that needs its coin.   When you are tense about ANYTHING, you don’t do good work.  And the tension between doing an honorable job with your clients, making a living and staying OK financially is severe.

This way–being prepaid–is better than being in revision hell and at risk of having someone say ‘screw it’ at the end.  But, it’s still makes your work–emotionally speaking–subject to the caprices of your feelings.   That leaves the door open for procrastination, for other things that are kind of uncool.   Moneyproblems hurt every aspect of your business.  Converting moneydebt into timedebt is not cool.

Here’s how I’m fixing it:

By August 17th, I will put myself out of that spot.  I will keep the money from being spent till the work is 100% done.  It’ll take 4 weeks of serious hustle to get there.  I’ll do it this way:

Week one, I’ll hold back 25% of the cash, till the work is done.

Week 2, 50%.  Etc.

This will put me in a good spot, and segue into being able to have both predictable cash flow, and some incentive to get stuff done faster.  I’m doing OK on the speed front, but not OK on the balls dropped front right now.  This will hopefully change things.

Do you bring Peace or Drama into People’s Lives?


My life is good.  I have a few dear friends, and a large number of acquaintances.  I’ve been good, all my life, at staying in touch loosely with people.  The hard drive of my brain is written with bits and pieces from different people from different summers, winters, falls and springs.

I remember details, I remember conversations.  I remember when I impressed people and when they impressed me.

I also learned something, going through an exercise with Infusionsoft–bringing in all the contacts that I have met in my whole life.  It honestly was one of the most significant things to have happened to me recently.   Because I love people (they don’t know it, more on that in a minute) I remember everything.  Because I’ve been a computer geek all my life, I keep track of everyone.  A little bit.  Both in my FB stalkerish ways, and on purpose.

I have yearbooks, I have lists of addresses dating back from my 1997 YAHOO! account.   I have kept the light on for friends and maintained email addresses just in case I get a forward from someone I haven’t heard of in years.

But the truth?  It’s a big deal.  Not shocking to those who know me.

I am a fighter.  Wired that way.  How can I prod, how can I press.  The chess player in me figures people out, sizes them up.  I don’t have that issue where I think of the perfect insult…ten minutes late.  It just rolls out of my mouth, because I arm myself beforehand with what to say.

I want to win, and beat people, and force my will.  Every victory is a Pyrrhic victory.  This wears people out.  Someone does something, makes a some mistake, and I get after it with vigor and venom.

This takes its toll.  I might be right in the moment, but I don’t honor people when I lash out.  I fill a leaky bucket when I cause fights.  I make even my close friends wary of me.  Nervous around me because they’ve seen me follow though on getting after people.  Dressing them down, and worse. I’m not as easily angered as I used to be.  I have mellowed.  I save my energy for fewer, more intense battles.  I don’t bluff, I’m willing, honestly, to do what it takes to get you to acquiesce to me.

That makes for a tough & empty life.  It also means that I’m stuck being a warrior and not a general.  By fighting every time, I wear myself out.

But still.   How can you trust anyone that doesn’t play by the same set of rules, and has already pondered what to do to bring you down?   How can you trust someone that brings a storm-cloud of drama?

By ‘not taking any shit from anyone,’ I am tilting at windmills, spending energy all the time on what people are insecure about, and not doing what it takes to be right, healthy.

It’s a distraction.  I hinted at it in my book.  I knew it intellectually for years, but going through all of my contacts was a painful experience.  There are people I don’t want to hear from because they are jerks.  There are people that don’t want to hear from me because I’ve been sociopathically unconcerned with collateral damage my whole life.  I want to get my way, and I’m willing to bleed for it.

Again, it’s a distraction.  Wining and fighting and spending my energy on nothingbattles is a trick of the devil.   Energy should be spent moving forward.  When people disappoint me (They will) honor ‘em anyway.  Have understanding, have compassion.  Be kind first.  That will build trust.

Even as I write this, the lesson isn’t totally learned.  My ego is injecting thoughts into my head like this: “people will read this and take advantage of you.”   or “well, you can still fight, just do it less often.”

Nah.  It’s time to have a different ethos.  I don’t need to fight, not on stuff that doesn’t matter.

I can bring peace or drama.  Which is better?

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Keeping What You Reep

IRS goofiness

IRS goofiness, Abolish The IRS, IRS is EVILI don’t hide the fact that I’ve been knocked around by the IRS.  It’s pretty obvious that those morons have dug into me.  The dynamic blows: when I call, I view them as callow, shallow and parasitic opportunists that are too cowardly to make a buck so they hurt, enslave, and steal from others, anything to justify their existence.  They view me as a tax cheat, unwilling to wait my turn to reap the benefits of work, and stealing money from welfare babies.

The truth is probably a little of both or something.

But, the real challenge of running around this way, the real bummer of everything I’m trying to do is that–since this became acute at the end of 2006, it’s been damn near impossible to retain money.   They’ve levied multiple accounts while I was, in good faith, negotiating with them.  The decisions I make have to be based on a shorter than normal horizon because they can suffocate me by taking what I do earn.

It’s gotten better since I shored up my accounting and since I got everything (more or less) correctly filed.   I’ve learned that I can take a pounding and keep a marriage (more or less) together.  I learned that I can be a good dad and not snap at my kids despite some fierce stress.

But, it’s frustrating as hell working as hard as I have learned to and not build wealth.  I’m $85,000 in debt, today, and that’s half the amount it was.  I’m chunking out money every single month and it’s exhausting to run to beat the devil.  On my board sits the 5 major debts that I have (student loan, IRS, car, student loans for H & other).

Not having a reserve means you are on a rat race system, accumulating time debt and not able to do what you want to do.   Still, since we cut expenses by downsizing, we’ve got the wiggle room to move, because we don’t have any weeks that cost more than $800 bucks.  We can beat this thing back $300 at a time, and we are.   The interest each month is less.

If I didn’t have bizarre confidence in my skills, I would have caved a long time ago.  I know that I will beat this thing, and build something.  $35 dollars at a time, $200 dollars a week.  All it takes.

Oh, yeah.

You should all go to and tell me what to do to make that video better.  And, buy a couple blogs.

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Killer WP Tool: Dagon Design’s Scheduled Post Plugin


Sometimes you can write with fluency and perfection.

Sometimes you can’t.

Sometimes you write posts tha don’t need to come out ant any particular time.

I’ve been having this WordPress dream for years.  That I’d have the ability to have a blog that runs itself.  When I create a content surplus, I can file it away.

That’s what Mat @ Dagon Design did.  He’s got a wicked collection of plugins.  The one that I love is this:

Scheduled Post Plugin.

Category driven, you can make it post in the future ONLY when you don’t post within x hours.

Think about that?  You then post every morning at 9, no matter what.

And you can do more in batches.

Friggin’ cool tool if you ask me.  Go get it and let me know if it has any issues.

WP Pumpkin photo credit:

What Kind of Consulting Are You Doing?

Ryan Holiday Nails It: Re. Consultancy.

When I was a Realtor, when I was in and of that world, there was always an echo of wrong in it.  There was such a din of thoughts injected into my head from top producers, the NAR, brokers, and everyone else that I never got to the point of the matter: Most Realtors were grossly overpaid for the service that they provided.  A few have the systems & commitment that made themselves worth every penny.  But that would be–in my guess–roughly 1%.

This doesn’t mean that the remaining 99% don’t have integrity.  They may.  This doesn’t mean that the remaining 99% aren’t conscientious, aren’t trying to do a good job.  They are.   But they are also likely to be obtuse enough to be insulated from the reality that a big part of what they do and who they are is just redirecting value and equity from consumers.  The conspiracy that is the NAR brainwashes people down to the core. There was something there, some disconnect with reality.  A litany of noise whenever 6% was challenged, and a list of expenses would be proffered, none of which had shit to do with selling a house.

The deceit was top down, the conspiracy against consumers.  I lacked the vocabulary to understand what I was uncomfortable with.  I wanted the Acura, the toys, the awards.  The medals.  The recognition.  The salve for my daddy issues, whatever.  I was able to pound the phone, admit I was a salesman and do OK.  The hustle got me 6 figures…and ultimate financial ruin.

I was better than average.  More conscientious.  I lied less often than most Realtors.  I outproduced lots of them, averaging 35ish houses a year.  But the standard is so low, it’s like saying I was the kindest SS guard at Auschwitz.  Not something to be proud of or hang your hat on.  Not enough.  Fleecing people out of their equity.   Greg has a start of how to fix it in this little treatise. It’s a start, maybe enough I don’t know.

Point is this:  I’m doing consulting now.  There’s a disconnect.  I’m not accountable for the results.  I’m accountable only for the actions.  When the scumbags at Granger Terry fleeced the Owens campaign, and sent their listless consultant who was late and indifferent, they were taking real dreams away.  They added no value.   I don’t want to be that way.

So–without going that path, what’s left for a projectaholoic?  I can do my own things. I can create products as I’m doing at Guerrilla.ME.

It’s easy to be better than the existing, but I’ve got to think about what standards I want to carry, what I want to do and how I want to do it.  I haven’t done that yet.    I’m not gonna do the thing where there’s any pressure in agreements.   Where the service ends at the sale.

Consistency is What It Takes: Don’t be an Idea Guy

How do you create consistency in your life?

Showing up, fully engaged is a big part of work.  Being a machine, like Seth Godin, like NameTag Scott is the way to have wild success, wild wealth, and more of what you want.  The quality of your ideas is less important–by far–and less novel–by far than the execution.

Ideas are everywhere.  Execution is 90% of it or more.  “Idea guys” are worthless.  Utterly entitled useless pieces of crap.  The idea isn’t the novel thing, and the older and presumably wiser I get the more  I know it.  It’s easy to have a dazzling idea, a new and novel thing that you could make some day.

It’s hard to get up every day, look people in the eye and serve them with all of your heart, mind, mind, soul & strength.  It’s hard to show the patience and confidence you need.  It’s easy to be the smart kid, it’s easy to be the one with the answers.  It’s hard, really hard, to show up every day and have the enduring faith that it takes to work towards your goal, especially when instant results are out the window.

How many exciting, great ideas have you had that would be AWESOME if they were put into practice?

How many NBA players had roughly the same physical gifts as Michael Jordan (Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Anfernee Hardaway) but didn’t hit the same heights?  MJ’s mental gifts were far more novel than his physical gifts.

Right now, I’m trying to learn to develop the consistency needed to get past the ‘next level’ and go to the one beyond that.  It’s not about intellect, acumen or acuity, it’s about just blocking out distractions and doing it.  It’s about getting up and rolling.   Not getting-ready-to-roll.  Preparation has its place, but only in moderation.

Lots of little things help.  Keeping a list helps.  Clearing a schedule helps.  Paying a little bet on a debt every day helps.  Morning pages helps.  I’ve come farther along than I thought possible.  But I need to be hitting it hard.

How do you create consistency?  Are you really doing it?  Are you being honest with yourself?

Ideas are everywhere, and without execution totally worthless.  A mediocre idea executed with passion and fervor will beat the hell out of genius ideas that sit in drawers.