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A Day Of Rest

Tomorrow, I’m not doing any cardio.  At all.

Not exercising, not going to go to the gym.  My legs will heal up and saturday I’ll do it again.  I’ll set some sort of personal record I’m sure, as there are many that I can break right now.

I started in December getting serious about fitness. Really going after it.  I wanted it to be sustainable, to be something that stayed with me forever rather than a diet or phase, or a bootcamp.  So I got intentional about reast.

I’m in bad shape. I’m in BETTER bad shape than I was 6 weeks ago, but I’m in bad shape. So, if I try to go 10 days in a row, I’ll hurt myself.  I can’t out-sprint fat.  It doesn’t work that way.

So I started by resting every 5th day and being hyper about working out the other 4.

That means that it’s worked like this:

  • Monday- I’m refreshed and rested, I should be fine to do a GREAT workout.
  • Tuesday-  the soreness didn’t accumulate.  Gotta work out.
  • Wed: Only One Day To Go, a little sore, but I’ll b 3/4 done.
  • Today: Gotta kill it. Leave it all out there because I don’t get to work out tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow – Rest
  • Saturday: back at it with a rest coming Wednesday.

This is good for me. Not because it’s physiologically optimal.  It’s almost certainly not. I can agree that there are probably more optimal routines, and the 4 on 1 off thing is fairly arbitrary.

But I’m doing it. I’m complying.  I can hack it mentally. I can easily keep track of how many days left/days to go. I can live a relatively spontaneous life and avoid deferring workouts till night.

Right now, I’m making great progress. I’m measuring me against me.

At some point I think I might go on  5/1 cycles, but I don’t see that happening before April at the earliest.  This is working, I’m keeping track.  I’m staying after it, and getting in shape.

I’m still stuck on the treadmill because i’m not in good enough shape to push myself without feedback.  Eventually I want to get off that, but that’ll require probably that I lose about 35 pounds. That in itself provides a hill to charge and a goal to overcome.

  1. Good luck, Chris. I’ve been on again, off again myself. Have you read anything on Steve Kamb has some great ideas.

  2. Corey – I lost a ton of weight. Not using nerd fitness, but reducing friction in my quest to get to the gym.

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