Most of the time you won’t see “day one results.”  So you have to trust that a process works. That you can transcend by putting extraordinary effort into ordinary (predictable) actions. You can have a better family, fitness, finance, faith & fun. Most of the time you’ll be beating against a wall, and you’ll be called to do dumb things: games, media, spectacle.  An extraordinary life requires extraordinary commitment.

You might fail anyway- at what you don’t want to do.

When you’re half committed: waiting and seeing, an opportunist, it’s easy to move to the next thing. It’s easy to give up. To not be invested.  The excuse is there “I was trying that out, it was a phase.”

It’s possible to be successful without talent, but… it’s harder.

So what? To commit to excellence – which is still rare and valuable in all core areas of your life.


Etc.  To have the decks cleared for output in these areas, vs. what I have.

To do it quietly without bragging or boasting.

That’s the life that I will have.

It’s never too late to start: at 38 people have come out of the fog to do amazing things.

To Transcend

To be more than a hustler: honest, capable, kind, unflappable, gracious, reliable, supportive.

To transcend. To leave the second act problems and to commit. To commit to a family, to friends, to a business.

To commit to myself, to make a difference for others.  To be my best self. To be of service.

Like magic.

To be something to someone: a father, a son, a brother, a lover, a mentor, a student.

To remove cynicism, obesity, cruelty, lies.

To produce every day.  To support.

To plan, write and work.

To be sober and to be filled with adrenaline from overcoming intense things.

To be a good steward of my time and talent. To pick my fights wisely, and to forgive and be forgiven

To be healthy and learning and smart. All the time.

To transcend.

Lock In

I’ve used WordPress since 2006.  Maybe 2005.

Off and on, mostly on.

And I want to try something else for the sake of doing it. But it’s hard because I love what I know and I feel like I’ll be hopelessly lost without one feature.

The big feature is using an editor like MarsEdit to work with the program, or anything that is fine with XML-RPC. Squarespace chucked it.

The other thing is dragging Youtube links and having them do what WordPress does (put a video in the content area that is sized appropriately).

I’d do Tumblr, but I don’t dig the lack of control or granularity. 

So I’m here still on WP. I chaff not because it makes sense to , but because…


On Ferguson: First They Came For The Blacks


I went to a man’s house the other day.

“How are you?”
“Oh, I’m fine.” he says.   “An apparent saint was martyred the other day. However shall we live?”

I knew he was referring to Ferguson, Michael Brown. And he’d bought into the normal pattern. He’d done his part.

Encounter, Execute, Assassinate.

Encounter: Someone in authority encounters someone, usually black. It could be a routine traffic stop, or a normal situation, like waiting for your kids in a mall.

Execute:  You kill them.  (Treyvon, Eric Gardner)  Or you arrest them for something that a white person would get off for, putting a sentence on them that effectively ruins their lives.

Riddle me this: ~15% of whites and blacks use MJ.

~41 million black people and ~221 million white people. (Census.Gov)


Yet our arrest rate is 3-4x for blacks.  This means that in absolute terms, more blacks are arrested than whites although though blacks make 16% of the population.  Not cool.

Assassinate: After the deed is done and the disproportionate consequences are administered, the victim is killed a second time.

Every case – Treyvon – Michael Brown – features a posthumous character assassination.  It’s not enough for the police to murder someone, they also want to be thanked for it. We don’t get justice, we get victim blaming.

We’re told things like:

  • He shouldn’t have been in that neighborhood…
  • He should have obeyed the cops (though Michael Brown was apparently surrendering when he was shot at close range in the head – what’s the incentive to obey?)
  • He had a checkered past so he must have said something.
  • He had thug-like text messages on his phone
  • If the races were reversed it would never have been news (orly?)

Each time the victim that is killed is then blamed. It’s not enough to kill, we also must feel like the Police have provided us with a service. We have to thank them for getting that element out of our society.

They are, after all, the heroes of 9/11.

The major disappointment of Ferguson is that some sort of libertarian dystopian fantasy played out.  And the tea party was absent. Fleeing at the sight of real power.

And despite calls from Rand Paul on the matter, the “police state” hasn’t yet gained traction.  Part of it is partisanship: people are unwilling to credit Rand Paul with anything. We’re hearing mild scoffing about police powers, but this is exactly the problem with police powers.  This is an inevitable response; to divide us and conquer.

It’s not a far bridge to cross to go from “it’s OK to shoot black people” to “it’s OK to shoot anyone.”

We all ought to fight. We all ought to be concerned.

Our land must have liberty and justice for all.

First, they came for the blacks…

Post Mortems.

Someday I’ll wake up to find something written about me. A horrible post on Medium or Huffington Post that decries what a terrible boss I am, what bad customer service I offered or something like that.  I’ll be the anonymous cautionary tale.

It’ll happen. I”ll deserve it. I’ve skated this long.

And that’ll be fine. It’ll sting but I’ll live.

Nobody actually deserves it, but that sort of thing is inevitable.

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