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Batchbook CRM Feature Requests, UI Fixes

I like Batchbook as a CRM. I haven’t found anything worth using yet, and I hope to be able to provide the team there with feedback on both the UI/UX and the rest.

It’s a very good start, it’s got a good mix of features and it’s a trusted enough filter.  It needs to be more than what it is though, and I hope that we can achieve something like it.

I’m not going to up and leave if I don’t get my way, it’s working as it is, so let’s not take this as some whimpering list of demands from someone that believes that my $15 a month or whatever makes or breaks their ecosystem.  I’m just this guy, you know.

Now, I’m minorly bummed that we tried to get an onramp session and you missed it. It’s possible that the stuff I’m bitching about below is there.  But, look, I want this in there because it’s need

I’m not asking for anything like “real contact sync via oauth,” or “faster querying.” (Though both will be nice). I’m pleased with many features and I recommend batchbook.

We don’t need many more features – we have a good set right now. It does more than what we need.  What will make Batchbook grow and earn is if the ui is defined and refined.

I’m guessing that you’ve figured out this stuff already.

UI/UX Enhancements:

  • Put search on every page in the top and with a hotkey/lightbox.
  • Allow me to change the way ToDos are organized on contacts. LIFO/FIFO or whatever should be selectable. If I have 30 things to do for a client on a follow up, the default should be to show what the next thing to do should be, not what I might do 180 days from now.
  • In the calendar – lead with a name: in lieu of the “thing we’re doing,” be ” C. Lachap – Make 3rd followup) (take first initial and 6 chars of last name)
  • In the “todos” list section default to who the contact is with SELF is the default.
  • Gmail-style hotkeys within Batchbook’s web interface: this is a good start, but PLEASE let me add a contact with a key, a todo, deal.  (use a lightbox, please)
  • Let me sort & tag contacts how I please – with the ability to tag all, some or whatever using typical UI conventions.  For example, I want to sort by date added  a lot.  I’d like to sort by “added by email” or even “nothing in the zip code field”.
  • In the TO DO section  (ex: calendar/todos/284) a hotkey should mark as done, and certainly there should be an easy and tab-able thing. where it says “completed,” let’s make that something we can change – at the very least.  Displaying contact information is also a good thing to do.
Database Enhancements:
  • Make To Do templates into objects where if we change “one” action #7, all action #7s change in the ‘ecosystem’
  • Make To Do Items (in or out of templates) such that each object can be scheduled on weekdays only (and that pushes the other ones out)
  • Make todo templates such that I can set it so if I don’t do one, the other isn’t due; clicking one done schedules the next in the series.
  • The Templates begets another set of possibilities – i.e. I can upgrade, take someone out of a status.
  • Multiple calendars (not just items)
  • Tagging should beget mass-task adding if I like it.  The tasks should be independent.
  • More statuses for deals besides “Lost, Pending, Won,”  Like: “On Hold,” “longshot.”  Better, let me define my deal statuses (doing things the way they are leads to delusion).
Feature/GTD Enhancements:
  • Daily email when there are undone tasks if I request it – not just “what’s happening today”
  • Plaintext emails that go out should be RTF.
  • Tasks (todos) should have a type: call, email, etc.
  • Call list if there is one.
  • Deals in process.
  • When an email comes out each morning, you should include richtext mailto: and callto: links so we can process our list from our inbox.
  • Make a possible feature add: if the Task type is an email, allow me to have an RTF that allows me to click it, it’ll BCC BB and have the fields populated as we request.
We’ve got the basic stuff.  It seems like you’re making some money. I’m glad I’m a customer. I want you guys to win and get better. There are things here that should be obvious, but there are other things that  you wouldn’t get.
Thanks for taking the time, my time to index is about 3-4 days, so I’ll wait for you to talk to me.  I want you guys, also to be my customer.
  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for taking the time to share your thorough feedback. Improving Batchbook is at the core of our rebuild, currently in process. We hope you will like the results.

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