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How To Block Websites For Better Productivity

So, I’m not normal.

This much is clear.

I use a service called RescueTime to block things. To get better. (They are a Simplifilm Client).

And for me, I have had to block loads of sites. To stay sane. To not go into delusionville.  To get away from horrific people.

I had to pry my eyes away from the human train wreck that was Naomi Dunford, Dave Navarro and the Salty Droid.

Sports sites. I didn’t play sports in high school. Yet, I know that Kobe is dropping mad points on every team. I know – for some reason – that the Giants are back in 2007 form and Bill Belichick (the cheating smug, ugly bastard) looks to get his revenge. I know the storylines.

Then…Facebook.  That site antagonizes me like none other. It’s a news source for me, an echo chamber, and a look at the “what if” game.  I dated literally dozens of people. There they all are. The tramps, train-wrecks and worldbeaters all gathered for me to gawk at.

This is my whole life, being oozed out of me. For what? The chance at a pat on the head from some kid from high school? The opportunity to look edgy?

And heaven forbid I get drawn into a political fight. I can look testy and stupid faster than anyone I know.

It’s no good for me. Not when I’m meant to work, to create, to do whatever.  I don’t trust myself to run without a treadmill yet, and I don’t trust myself to do the right thing with my time.  So I put the blocks in place.

So I’ve trotted out the blocked list. It’s easy enough to do– Ehow has an article on it that works as of January 18, 2012.  For a pc, it’s here.

Anyway, FB got blocked.  I’ll still join it on my iPad and phone. But not on my computer.

For me, that is reserved for creating things and being productive.  That is a tool for work, and even though I may still need to be patted on the head by people I’m mildly contemptuous towards, I won’t do it while I’m supposed to be working.

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