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Five Blogs You Should Probably Read

This year has been fantastic for me.

I stopped being über present on Twitter and I went back to Google Reader and caught up with a ton of blogs.  I have more and better relationships because I’m working at a pace that works for me. I’m still around on Twitter, but…I’m more interested in blogs. I’m learning more and getting good books to read.

There are a few blogs that you should probably be reading regularly.

They are my favorite reads when they show up in Reader.

JeffTurner.Info - Jeff has been a semi-witting mentor of mine.  I’ve learned a ton from him, and he’s part of the reason why Simplifilm will do what it does this year (whatever that might be).  Start here.  He doesn’t post all that often, but he certainly has something to say.

RyanHoliday.Net – It’s been a fabulous read.  The theme – generally – is escaping delusion – particularly self delusion.  His Reading List is excellent place start, and I’ve got a couple of books to read and I’ll finally have that behind me (I took a couple detours in neurology and economics, otherwise I would have been). There’s never been a bad post.

Feld.Com: Brad Feld is probably my favorite VC. Of the ones I’ve interacted with he’s the most responsive via email (nobody is close when you have something good to say).  His blog – and the themes of his company (the Foundry Group) have been working.  He’s probably the most intellectually honest VC out there. I appreciate him a lot.

Teenage Kicks:  It’s a rock and roll blog. It is a “fan” of rock music. They post criticism. They “get” rock and music.  Been great for music discovery, and they share the same obsession with The Hold Steady that I have.

WillieJackson.Com: Nobody this year has set a better example for me than Will.  He’s an understated force of nature.  It’s been a blast watching him go from some dude that was willing to do websites on the cheap to engineering things at the highest level.  He’s Start here, or here.

This was a fantastic year for me. There are other fantastic places to get information. Cheers to a fantastic year.


  1. Chris, I’m honored to be included in your blog recommendations, though I now feel compelled to write a more. :)

    And I want to second your recommendation, I found him as a result of our conversations and I’ve been an avid reader.

    Here’s to a prosperous 2012 for you!

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