Bullying People Is A Distraction: False Courage and a Monday Mea Culpa.

First, a friend passed this along to me.  DiSC-InspirationalPattern Click it to make it all big and such. I think.  I do

Al Pacino’s character in “A Scent of A Woman.” had one of the coolest speeches ever.  He was a ruthless dude, a poet’s soul that barked order’s at the world to obscure his mediocrity.  I know the type.

This speech, and another one where he talks to Charlie and says “It’s all right Charlie. You break my heart son. All my life I’ve stood up to everyone and everything because it made me feel *important*. You do it… because you mean it. You’ve got integrity Charlie. I don’t know whether to shoot you or adopt ya.”.

This above one was the more famous.  About 2/3 of the way through, he says that he knew the right path.  (Start at 4:30) “I have come to the crossroads.  I always knew…what the right path was….but I never took it.”

Amen, brother.  It’s hard.  Right now, it’s hard.  It’s gonna be hard later.

False courage is easy.  People are mostly sheep.  They are mostly afraid.  Notice this?  Any employee of a coproration hasn’t had to do what I do to make a living.  They just have to get sheered.  Over…and over.  Statement of fact.   I’m tougher.  I don’t have that thing in your soul that makes other people’s insanity tolerable (sometimes I generate my own).

Part of me does that.  I will–and do–stand up to anyone.  It’s easy.  It’s easy to pick a fight and it’s easy to pressure morons and liars into doing your bidding.  What they say in the Fight club is true: it’s tough to get someone to fight you.  People back down and wither.  You put pressure on an individual, and they buckle.   You win, you get your way.  But that’s not courage.

But it’s a DISC-D ruse/distraction.  Deal is, bullying people is a distraction.  It’s always easy.    It’s false courage.  It’s stupid.  Even the IRS Agents don’t like my jabs.  Nobody does.  Easy to be a loud dog.  Harder to pick your bullets.