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Let’s say you do something great, for one day.

Let’s say you put forth maximum effort for one day, and had one of those times that you just were working fluidly, productively and zealously.

We’ll revisit our gym metaphor. Let’s say you went to the gym, and lit up your soul. You did it with passion, ferocity and intensity.

You seared your lungs, and you did just about every rep right. You let it all out, and you left with nothing more to give.

You are proud. Rightly so. You’ve won the day. You’ve answered the bell. The best part of your soul has commanded the unruly pile of meat that is your body to do its bidding.

More days like this, and it won’t be long before you have the form you want. To reach your goals.

You deserve a reward, don’t you? You deserve something for the work you put in, because you’ve reached a goal. You need a treat to stay motivated.


What, then, do you get for having made it? For having lived in congruence with the best part of you?


Here’s the reward for you–and I think it’s very, very nice.

You get another day to feel this proud and good. More motions like this. More euphoria. You get another day to beat back the inevitable decay of life, and you get another day to walk the earth like an unstoppable bad-ass.

You get to have more trust and faith in yourself, and more confidence, and even integrity.

What Is Intensity Without Consistency

Do we know any pleasure that’s better than that? Is a day off better than feeling unstoppable? Will we derail ourselves from our goals by justifying a trip to Krispy Kreme?

There’s nothing better than leaving it all out there.

The other part of the equation is this: if you don’t leave it all out there, if you flake out tomorrow, then you get to undo what went right today.

If, tomorrow, you skip the gym to bask in the good feeling and justify it with a good day, you’ve undone the good day, and you’ve surrendered your gains.

The only way to change something is to hammer. away. consistently.

You don’t hit a goal with a sprint, you hit a goal by moving in the same direction relentlessly.

When we have a great day, the only answer is another great day. We’ve proven we can, and we have to protect the work that we just did by doing it again, tomorrow.

More coming soon.

  1. I’m struggling in this area too Chris. So what’s the solution? Daily accountability check-ins with someone who will kick our butts into gear? Maybe instead of a life coach, you and I should hire an accountability coach? Is there such a thing???

    I would love to learn about this with you. Got any ideas?

  2. Consistency trumps intensity. Nearly everyone can be intense, and leave it all out there, at least one time in their life. Maybe even two out of seven days. Consistency is so rare that the guy who is half as intense, and does whatever he does with half the skill, half the perfection, and half the quality, that guy will ultimately leave the other guy in the dust because he DOES IT EVERY DAY. Consistency has been my arch nemesis and epic struggle for as long as I can remember.

  3. I was down today. I was going to blow the day off, and go do something else. Your comments lifted me up. I’m going back out there, and hitting it again. Thank you for reminding me what works.

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