Debts That Can Never Be Repaid

19 Jan Debts That Can Never Be Repaid

I’m profoundly grateful for many things.

The idea that, to me, is pretty rough, is that there are a lot of debts that can never be repaid.

I can’t ever repay Marcus Aurelius for filling my soul with good things.

I can’t ever repay my children, Jack and Ruby for transforming my charachter.

I can’t ever repay the people I remember fondly, the teachers, the first co-workers.

The clients that supported me and let me get away with murder and indifference.

I can’t repay my parents for doing the best they could.

There are even people that are not in my life (and won’t be) that I owe something to for a kindness shown towards me.

I feel like I’ve got a much richer, better life than I deserve. I feel like I’ve been selfish and gotten away with something to have the life I do.

I don’t know how I got to the point that I’m at. I don’t know why I have a great life.

All i can do is try and be kind, quit delusions, and listen a lot more.

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