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There’s No Drama At Simplifilm

We are going to die. Our ends, on this planet are going to be ugly. This is clear. We’re going to age, lose our ability to control our bodies, and maybe even our mental facilities. We are going to die.

So let’s have some perspective, OK?

It doesn’t matter – really – if we lose a sale.

It doesn’t matter – really – if we are late on a delivery.

It doesn’t matter – really – if we don’t want to work with a customer.

We can’t be held hostage by anyone else’s money, we can’t be held hostage by a deadline. It matters if we respect each other and we’re kind to one another. It matters if we set an example.

So, what governs us at Simplifilm is the simple idea: There’s no Drama At Simplifilm. None. Zip, zilch, nada. It’s not allowed. We’re not allowed to feel stress, we work as hard as we can.

But the work we do – as good as it is – is just a lubricant for commerce. We’re doing the very best work of our kind on earth. We get to help people that make cool things.  We get to tell stories.  But all of what we’re doing is not worth feeling anger, or being upset at one another.

It’s not worth getting insulted, or reducing ourselves to insult someone else. It’s not worth being in someone’s thrall.

There’s no drama at Simplifilm.

See? That’s a mantra. Because it informs the rest of it.  We raise our prices to scare off the crazies.

We work at a sane pace on sane projects to keep our energy up.

We hustle every day so we can accumulate options (which is what selling does).  We execute the ones that make the most sense to us. We can afford to say no to great clients.

We can refund or terminate any client that insults us. All of this without rancor, without nastiness, without drama. If something doesn’t go as planned, w’re prepared, and we account for it in the next batch.

We don’t make the same mistake twice.

We’re not there yet. We haven’t processed out all of the bottlenecks and friction points at Simplifilm. But listen: when you do excellent work, you don’t have to be around failures. You can be free to create because you’ve winnowed out the nonsense. We work hard to figure out ways to get better. But with hostility, stupidity, bad clients, nothing goo happens.