in Achieving Goals

Even Keel

Things are never as bad, as good, or as permanent as they seem.  I remember a while ago, having visions of a massive company dancing before me as I was waiting for a check to come.  The check never came.  Ever.  And I had this fantasy that I’d have a big, great company on the back of one whopping sale.

As if McDonald’s got rich by selling one hamburger.

Didn’t happen. My Mercedes is still not ordered, and we’re still grappling with what needs to get done a little bit at a time. I was blind to the point of distraction – just 6 months in business and we had a great big life changer-of-a-client.

Another time: I was heartbroken, by a friend’s business betrayal.  I’d given him a piece of business, and he went behind my back to my client to get it all from me.  I lost business that I really needed, and of course I lost a friend.  When you get what my friend Brad Feld calls a vomit moment.  The world was ending, I’d die friendless and broke.  I wasn’t gonna get another chance.  I was broke and the struggle would continue.

I was irate for 6-7 days, angry all the time.

None of those events made a lick of difference in my life as it sits now.  When something is a kick in the chest, it’s not eternal, it’s not forever, it’s just something that sucks at the moment. Or is great at the moment.  But the real work of living isn’t helped by riding the roller coaster of our emotions, is it?

[edit:  I’m not saying don’t be happy, don’t be sad.  I’m saying realize that they aren’t the forever state of  your existence.]