Five Figure Months…Joe’s Goals and Google Docs

So the sidebar “transparency” project is nearly done. I’m glad. I will be starting another sidebar transparency thing by Monday.

Let’s recap the time I’ve had:

I’ve had 3 consecutive 5 figure months, which is encouraging, I think, for me just starting and me being in this economy. I also have room to grow, which is also exciting. I’ve created a world beating e-book, and I lost 7 pounds in December, during the holidays. So I am not discouraged by my progress. I am going amp up my efforts in January–with what’s left of it, to hit some January 2009 goals:

$15,000 in profit. My five figure was a revenue figure, and I outsource an increasing amount, so, I gotta pay attention to #1. You do, however, have to gross before you net. So this month, I want to work and get $15k in the hopper. I want to replace my mortgage income.

Anyway, goals for this month:

10 Blog Posts Linking back from PR 4+ Blogs, not counting BHB/Lenderama.

F-therapy finished by 1/15/09. (By the way, I’m biased, and it’s really, really good, novel and nonobvious).

Get “Right Right Now,” working in some way that’s more formal than me grinding out jobs. Grinding is fun, and I want to SELL more work, and do a little less. I can find people that need work and work that needs done better than I can do the work myself. If not for the bias against people that find work and people to do it, there’d be an easier path for me. Not that this is bad. The ‘markup,’ is going to be transparent. I’m going to generally stick to a 60-65% of the rev to the freelancer model. This will keep price pressure minimized. I want to be fully transparent. The only times I’ve gotten in trouble are when I was representing myself as doing more of the work than I was and creating a barrier between clients. The ‘handoff’ can be better done elsewise.

10# dropped this month. (I’m still heavy, and I’m pissed that I hit a plateau. Most of my 7# was the first 10 days of December, and I fell off the Vegetarian wagon, and had a burger, enough, I say.


I’ll be using Joe’s Goals to track and display it. The things that I’ll do daily:

  • Wake @ 5:30
  • Morning Pages
  • Video weblog.
  • Guest Post Written & Sent
  • Workout
  • Do 2 a days 3x a week. (keep my mental energy up.)
  • Acquire 2 projects a week.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing else really matters. I do need to spend more time thinking about nutrition, and figure out some measurable metric for this stuff.

I’ll have another post when I’m done with Joe’s Goals, but right now I’ve got some mental energy, and I want to use it on FT.