Friday’s Links:

Man, I’ve got dozens of things that I’ve seen this week now that my reader is down to a managable 45 items.

Basically, I stick everything I see and like into my Google Notebook, and then I figure out if it goes Here, on Ten Day Team, or somewhere else.  I’m going to soon have as many blogs as Todd Carpenter at this rate, but it’s becoming a more mechanical process. 

  1. My old livejournal friend ChrissMari lusts after a smart car.  Too bad she needs to learn to drive first.  (Yeah, I’m on WP)
  2. Mann Made Blog talks about fighting sploggers.
  3. Free Your Ass and your mind will follow.  Pithy Change This post. 
  4. PureBlogging on how yes–you need social networking sites.
  5. Required Read or Re-read! Ancient, but one I just got around to reading:  Lifehack on Selling Yourself on Lifestyle Change
  6. Agile Design  an interesting idea by Emily Chang.  Agile Design is the future; rails is part of it.
  7. Cubicle Nation  it’s not too late to get after the new year.
  8. How To Use Craig’s List For Blog Promotion  by PureBlogging.  Pure Blogging should post less frequently.

In other news, I’ve got a post coming on how I trimmed my workday down to 2 hours.  10 hour week.  Tim Ferris?  You’ll be proud.  Now to get the rest of the time gone.

Time to bounce!