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Headway 3.3. Review : It’s Back.

At Simplifilm, I try very hard to be loyal to the products we rep.  I also pursue products I love. So I use RescueTime, ScreenFlow, Gravity Forms and more honestly.  I come by what I’m doing from an authentic place.  It makes us make better videos.  We reject many products.

When Headway 3.0 came out, I was pumped. Grant had shown me what it could do, and I was stoked at what Clay had worked out.  I felt excited, it was incredible.  I saw the preview on Skype, and WOW.  Drawing blocks, placing them.  Fantastic.

The problem was, I couldn’t use it.  At all. I needed speed, and the setup process was buggy and bad, and it was painful and pulling teeth. There were UI problems, big and small bugs.

Oh, Headway was beautiful, novel.  It wasn’t the obvious pile of crap that PageLines is, but Headway was still  totally incomplete. It had big gaps in what it could do.  Even Clay has admitted that the release was rushed.  I stopped using it then, and had to switch.  I was disappointed in the execution.  I was not happy about the way that things worked out.

It was a big step back from Headway 2. When it released.

But, but, but.  I stayed in touch with Grant and Clay (normal client stuff).  Over time, Headway got better.  Now? It’s the best theme on the planet.

I built a site on it in about an hour.  It looked good.  The process was straightforward and easy.

Yes, there are still some details I dislike (mostly the spawning of widget areas and the cumbersome way that pages get pinned together, and how relatively hard it is to center things).  But those thins only matter a little bit.  The gist of Headway is that it’s back, it’s safe to use, and you can do “amazing” without code.

The next steps for Clay and his team should be to tighten up the interface, and UX, and to add the final compliment of blocks.

At some point, if I get to it, I’ll do a full blown tour.