in Philosophy

An Invitation to Rancor and Discord

It happens a lot, from everyone.  Someone is inviting you  to have some rancor. Some discord.

Maybe your spouse says something a little nasty about the way the coffee was left out. Maybe a client is emotionally unhinged about a routine condition. A boss is snippy and doesn’t listen.

An old friend – who you haven’t heard from in years – hits you up for money in a desperate funk.

This stuff is normal. You know, not a surprise. It’s been going on forever.

All it is is an invitation for you to take part in dumb stuff. You’re being invited to debase yourself and show ugliness and be angry, too. And instead of having some notion of “what others must do for you,” why not just decline the invite.

If you find yourself saying, “I’m a nice guy but nobody talks to me like that….” stop a sec.  Think: why not? What’s it to you if they think you’re a putz? Who gives a damn.

Every day you’re invited to rancor and discord. By other people. You can point it out, retreat back to your mind and say, “Thanks for the invite.  Sweet of you to include me.  Another time, perhaps.” There’s no need to respond to every remark. Decline the invitation, don’t make it a thing.  Go about your day.