in Philosophy


I’ve run across the same person a ton lately.

They are more interested in lecturing me than getting anything done.  I just want things to move simply, easily.  I’m getting more advice than ever. Lectures on how to act. How things are done at big companies.

But. But.

All I want to do is the work.  All I want to do is to keep things moving. I don’t want to have to respond to stupid snarky stuff.  It seems It’s part of the game.  A middle aged one-time-executive, now “marketing consultant,” has perverse incentives.

They have to manufacture fires to put out.  Chances to save the day.

I want to respond, but it’s self destructive.

So I don’t.  But it’s getting hard not to respond.  It’s a drain. I am always answering to people that didn’t really start a business.

I’m realizing now that all of the advice is pressuring me to cross a bridge.  I’m chaffing at it because…even though it’s well intended, it means overhead and maybe physical space. I could make more money, for sure.  But at what cost? I’d be trapped. Right now, we’re free to do what we want.

The problem is that declining to defend myself feels like selling out. It feels like I’m just getting along. Maybe  I am, hard to tell sometimes.