in Philosophy

The Mediocrity Problem

Mediocrity is always justifyable. “You can’t make everything a home run.”

Mediocrity always is easier. It requires no intensity.

You become  what you do most of the time.  Not what you could do or might have done. What you do.  If you tolerate mediocrity most of the time, you become a mediocrity.

If you never half ass anything, you never have anything half assed attached to your name. You certainly don’t get mediocrity on your soul.

The problem with mediocrity is that you get mediocrity on you. You get covered in it and mired in it. It sticks, and it becomes hard to see when something is done. It metastasizes.

Usually, you become mediocre when you lose pungency and say yes too too much. You get distracted. The main thing isn’t the main thing.