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Microsoft’s Apple Tax: What An Asinine Campaign.

I’m a Mac user.  Switched in August.  Never, ever going back.  I’m more than competent using a PC, but i’ll never go back voluntarily.   The frustration ended, and I saw a productivity gain of about 35%.

Microsoft’s marketing  people have come up with a new concept: the apple tax. They are showing a (modestly inflated) version of the how much more expensive apples are.  I don’t dispute that.  Apples are more.  And they are worth it.  Every single penny.   Microsoft is picking the wrong fight by trying for a race to the bottom.  If you are earning $50 an hour…and are 20% better…you can increase your rate 20%, bill your clients 20% more, and make 10 (20% of 50) * 2,000  = $20,000 more each year.

They make no claim that they are better.

Microsoft states that you’ll pay $3,367 over five years on their “apple tax return” document by using 2 pcs over 2 macs.  (This is WITH mobile me, a useless and expensive service that costs $700+/year.  This is $1683.50 per seat…over five years.   I don’t hate windows.  But it’s a BARGAIN to only have to pay that much.  Seriously.  5 years?  $336.67 a year?   $28 bucks a month?  To use a MAC that doesn’t suck? DEAL!  I’m in.  It’s a bargain even with their inflated numbers.

Notice: MS doesn’t attempt to make the argument that they’re as cool as, as good as, as easy to use as a mac.  They don’t fight that battle, saying instead, “they’re cheaper.”   Well, everything works a smidge better.  Firefox running google aps feels like a destkop ap on the MAC and even on a comparable PC with good horsepower, gDocs still feels like a web ap.

You’re telling me for just–at most–$28 bucks a month, I get to use spotlight, I get to not deal with stupid crashes, I get to use a mac that thinks about like me?  And I don’t have to deal with Vista?  And I get to be part of that club that helps each other out, and has set themselves apart?   Hell, even with my IRS problems, I’m in.  Pick another line of reasoning MS.

You want to appeal to my analytical side?  It’s $28 bucks a month to not have to deal with registry garbage, to not have to be locked into your .docx hell.  Done deal.  Thanks for reminding me how much better I have it for such a little extra money.

How stressful is it to deal with a computer that is mercurial and unpredictable as all Windows Vista PCs are?

What about the things that you can’t do on a PC, like use Keynote to grind out videos FAST?

What’s the PC equivalent to the layering goodness that is Imovie?  Movie maker?  That thing?  With the 1990’s interface?  Puh-leaze.

Oh, where is visual hub for the PC?

Where is snapz?  Are you thinking camtasiaHeh.

Microsoft, you’re just reminding us on this side how good we have it.  I’m glad that you’ve done the math, even accepting your (inflated) numbers, I win.

  1. I might make the move… hope to close a few escrows soon. I am tired of crashed and pig slow speeds.

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