in Achieving Goals


I’ve decided to expand the use of this blog some more. I’ve been working on some personal goals, such as losing some weight, running and some other things.

I’m also doing droll activities like haggling deals and making contacts and contracts. More of a travelogue sort of thing.

For now, it’s in the @minutiae category.  After this post, that won’t be displayed on the front page.  It’ll have its own category archives page.  Eventually, I might change the look and feel but I doubt that.

I don’t believe anyone cares that I got my 5k time under 30 minutes, or that I sent 156 emails or whatever.  That little stuff matters to me, and it’s a relic from my GTD-LIVEJOURNAL days, but it needs to be filtered out.

I guess I don’t totally have the sense to shut up, so I need a category to keep from boring myself.

Or that I read 29 pages. Etc.

I’ll probably filter it from the RSS as well. Just let it post to twitter. If people follow a link on Twitter, they more or less deserve what they get.

I’ve more or less hated blogs that resort to being travelogues. I want to talk about ideas, love, sex, magic.  But the stuff I do every day is the stuff that matters.

For whatever reason, I’ve never been able to resist the urge to write about that sort of thing. It’s probably the last hold Facebook has on me, the place to blather about minutiae.  Now I won’t be upset in the least that there’s no feedback.