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New Tools: mini, Blogsy, MBA 11″

I don't truly do GTD anymore. To some extent, I guess I always will like and respect it but I don't geek out over kit and lists like I used to. But recently, I got some stuff that is perfect.

  • The iPad mini.
  • Blogsy.
  • My MacBook Air.
  • Clearspot
  • Evernote
  • Yesware
  • Heavy Fucking Weights

Nothing on earth is perfect. But,the gist is that we've got better tools than ever now. The stuff I get to use is more ambient,more automatic than ever before.

Right now, I'm getting rid of Batchbook. It was the CRM I didn't use that much. I got my contacts in there, and that's a start, but I didn't use it like I should have. is just as frictionless to get people in there and it does what we call “light project management.” We'll see.

The iPad mini is the most superior computer ever. It's the perfect size, the battery never ends.

My “air” is used for more intensivve tasks, but at 11″ its perfect.

Clearspot is internet WHEREVER.

Evernote is more and more useful (though Blogsy supplants some intended features)

Yesware is ambient project management.

Heavy weights keep my head right.