in Achieving Goals


Just so we know.  Had an amazing time in NYC.

I don’t yet “know” the city, but as far as the vaunted cost of living – I’m not intimidated.  I wouldn’t own a car. I would move there in a second.  The food – you can eat for under $100 a week, and less if you buy groceries. Seems that rent would be $900ish to share a place in brooklyn.  $1300/month.

To come up from nothing – it’s one of the “easiest” places on earth to do that.  So many people are there needing stuff that making it is a matter of hustle.

I didn’t want to stay far from Manhattan when I went, but I’m OK with that now- I think it’s fine. I was not confident of my ability to take the subway late at night, but it seems that it runs.  And so I can stay in brooklyn, wherever.