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Products, Not Projects

genuinechrisprojectmanagementI still do projects.  Really I do.  I dig ‘em, and I dig getting stuff done for people.  But, I’m more selective right now than I was.  I don’t take anything because I can’t, and (B) I have to make sure there’s a path to money.  I’m making a living delivering insanely great value.

So, I’ve come up with 3 things to sell, and plan on having 5 over at my business.

All sell & compliment each other.  All have nutso value.

The other candidates that I think I can sell are:  some type of writing service (as yet undetermined).   And some type of freelancer sales training.   That’s it, nothing else is needed really.  I can do projects or refer them, but that’s enough things to sling that will (A) add value and (B) keep me able to sell stuff.

The problem with projects is this: if you don’t get the spec perfect, it can be a huge pain in the neck to get paid and get finished.  There is often more work and tension.  But with a “product” I sell something.  You either buy or you don’t.  And…I don’t have to be an employee.

People buy from me, and I create the experience.  I have minimal friction.

Recently, I took a $400 job.  It was tedious.  There was friction.  And it took a day and a half of bloody work.  And neither me nor the client was particularly pleased with the outcome.  It is over, and the client is a good guy and we’ll again work together.

Instead?  I should have passed or passed it along.  Live and learn.  More on this in a bit.

  1. I’ve had jobs like that, and I just chalk them up to experience for now and try to avoid them in the future. I told my wife I need to re-think my whole process, but being my better half suggested that things happen and my process is good.

    I always listen to my wife. :)

  2. Nice article Chris. I do the same with real estate. I’m not taking all the work that is available, only the work that pays (and I enjoy working with the person).

  3. Hi Chris: Can you teach me how to do what you do? Where can I begin? I got to your info. from learning how to do Thesis on my own. I am not good at it yet, but was able to put together that you do this for a living, and would sure love the chance to do the same. Thanks a MILLION, SINCERELY Victoria Durham

  4. if you’re serious, I’m happy to help. if not, I can’t have any time a-wasted.

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