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Proposed Routine

So with Ruby having inspired me, I need a routine.  A solid way to do things.  And it starts with what I intend to do regularly – what do I need to do more of.

Rescue Time has been a godsend to me.  I’ve been able to improve what I do, get better and go for it.  I’ve learned that I spend something like 6 hours a week – 45 minutes a day – concerneed with news and sports.

That’s 6 hours that I could be playing with Jack and Ruby.  That’s 6 hours that I could be hanging with Heather, or doing whatever else.   That’s six hours that I could use to invest in my life – reading above my level or whatever.  6 hours x 52 =  312 hours a year.  13 days a year.

910 days over a 70 year period.  2.5 years.

That’s a lot of time wondering how well Kobe Bryant did.  That’s gotta change.

Now, we can’t be perfectly efficient in every way – there’s going to be a diminishing return at some point.  I’m not going to lifehack my way into more, but if I can reduce 2.5 years of nonsense by 80%, I think I’ve done myself a service.

But, it’s apparent that I need to write more and better.  That fuels the rest of my business.  My friend Scott used to say Writing is the Road to all wealth.

Agreed.  And it’s not just physical wealth, it’s clarity of mind and purpose.  Reading other people’s writing leads to wealth.  So does writing for yourself.  This – when I execute it – will lead to wealth.

So, this has to be a routine.  These are minimums:

  • 3  hours  (min) of “alone zone” writing every day.  This doesn’t translate to six hours one day, a feeling of satisfaction and nothing for weeks on end.  This is a daily requirement.
  • 1.5 hours of misc content creation every day. (Tuts, etc).
  • 1.5 hours of selling every day.  (Let’s define selling, but it’s actively instigating and solving problems).
  • 1 hour of reading (books,not blogs, hard stuff that makes me better)
  • 1.5 (ish) hours of exercise + commute to and fro
  • 1 hour (ish) prayer/meditation/worship/study
  • 30 minutes of research. (finding leads, following up with clients, responding).

What gets cut/curtailed by this?

  • Recreational surfing.  Somehow I replaced “skimming news” with “catching up on my childhood,” due to
  • Chat on skype.
  • Facebook
  • Tweetdeck/twitter

What are the benefits:

  • Less screen time
  • better fitness
  • more energy
  • more time with my kids
  • happier wife.

How – specifically – does this happen?

First, I have to commit to a schedule and not worry about how I feel.  The first 3-4 minutes of waking up *always* stink.  I have to get over how I feel abou things.

I have to get up by or before 6am 5 days a week.  I can’t miss.

I have to get to the gym by or before 7:30am.  I can’t miss.  Have to do 30-ish minutes of wisdom seeking reading.

I have to get writing by 9 every day.  (I can’t miss).

I have to get selling by 11:30 (I can’t miss).

I have to lay out my life in such a way that this stuff is possible.