I have changed my mind, about a great many things.

I’ve been wrong – a lot – in my life. I like to think it’s because I’ve studied and informed my thinking. I like to think that it’s the experience that comes with age.

Why is it that when others do it, we call them out on it?

Why is it that no politician can change any position without being a “flip flopper,” as John Kerry was in 2004.

We demand consistency from others. Wouldn’t it be better if we allowed one another grace?

“I thought you said ________.” we accuse each other.

Everything is a big “gotcha” game, as our lives are recorded online. We cross examine close friends like hostile witnesses. Of course, my thinking is evolved. I look at stuff I wrote a year ago, and I think “shit, pabulum.”  

I look at stuff I said on an Instant Message 6 months ago and I think, like Marcus Aurelius, will my soul ever know goodness?

I hope in a year…I see the work I do and the writing and I see room for improvement.

I hope that I can respect that other people change, improve, mature, reboot themselves.

(This post was inspired, in part, by this post by Seth Godin.)