Ruby Johnson Loves Her Routines

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Ruby Johnson Loves Her Routines

Putting my daughter, Ruby, to bed takes effort. Each night, she must have a hug and a kiss, she must be prayed for, she must have the Sitta-ma-rink song sung (with the ending).  She must have her drink of water, she must have something to cuddle with.  She then has to have the sound machine turned on, and the sheep projecteed on her celling.  If this standard isn’t achieved, then the natural law is broken: we have let her down and she cries instantly.


I don’t resist this, it’s kind of fun, and it’s good for me, too.   She expects things to go down in a certain manner, and feels loved when this happens.  Sometimes it feels weird to be waiting on a two year old, but I get the point.  This is just the way things are to her.

The natural law, you know, this is how bedtimes are, and why fight it.

Now, if I had the same commitment to my schedule, to my objectives that Ruby does, life would be better for me.  I would get more done – truly.   I would help more people – truly.  She’s committed to doing what she believes matters. For me, I need to be producing, finishing all day.

More blogging, less skype, less email.

More planning – and next actions.  Less other stuff.

More screenflow.  More public use of “rescue time”.

Try to spend less than -50 – total – hours a week in front of a screen.

More doing things to make Heather/etc have an easier life.  Less nonsense.

Less recreational internet surfing.  More work.

Like Page.Ly says: Work More, Talk Less.  We like that.

A routine would include a 6am or so wakeup/coffee/prayer/meditation, some writing, a trip to the gym around 7, a return around 8:30.  We have to really want the routine – for its own sake.  Desire the aching muscle mass – for its own sake.