in Philosophy

Self Absorption

I’ve done nothing to cause this economy.

We live in amazing times, we’re on the cusp of an ascent to transcendence brought together by art and technology.

How can I be mad – at anything, even for a minute?  I get to go on this beautiful journey.

When my friend said “You deserve it” to me, it seems an innocuous comment. It seems that I could say “yeah, I do.” But listen, I didn’t cause ANYTHING that I get to benefit from. I’m typing on a Mac I couldn’t make, sitting in a chair I didn’t design, in a house I didn’t build.  I’m an aristocrat.

I have way more than I deserve. In fact, if you look at the balance of my outputs, I’ve been disproportionately rewarded. Allowing myself to think that all of this splendor we live in is my entitlement is the first step to a depressing journey of self absorption.

“You deserve success,” becomes “you’re entitled to your fair share.”  That gives way to “why don’t I have what he has.”

I deserve nothing. I’m grateful for what I have, this life I get.

If you’re not, why not?