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Stupid Advice

I used to dole out all sorts of stupid advice to people that are smarter than me.

The gist of it was this: “You should add a layer of known complexity to your business for some unknown, possible revenue.”

I’m on the receiving end of this now. Simplifilm should have a reseller agreement, a finance plan, an admin, a this, a that. It’s exhausting and moderately insulting. Most of the advice is something I’ve tried.

The reseller agreement that everyone wants but nobody can close is the frequent one.

I look at one of the companies I love: 37 Signals. They base things on staying convenient for them. 

 This is the way to do things. You are given a service that’s designed to simplify life for 37 Signals. They are fine to do this.

This minimizes energy expenditure chasing receivables and other things. As Simplifilm redesigns its website and web copy, we’re going to take a page here and keep things brutally simple.

We run the company based on what’s working not based on what idiots that don’t have a business as good as mine think that we should do.