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Success and Planning

Simplifilm is the most successful venture I’ve taken part in.

That is to say in one year, it is throwing off enough income to pay 2 people, to grow at a steady clip and to make money.  All of this is happening even though:

  • We don’t have a “tagline”
  • We don’t have a coherently presented website (I hate it)
  • We don’t have a mission statement
  • We have yet to spend one dollar on advertising
  • We don’t have products listed on our site.
  • We don’t have a content strategy.
  • We don’t have employees.
Now, we’ve gone to far in the opposite direction.  What we have is quality and hustle.
I’m not sure where all this goes – I’m just thinking out loud at the moment.  I have this idea where we’re a brand with the love and clout of Apple.