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I am a Telephone Expert.

Social media experts are everywhere.

And, for the most part, they are people with failed sales careers trying to catch on in an industry that doesn’t really have accountability.

You might be the lone social media expert that is providing good and fiduciary service.  I doubt it.

I see people follow me “I’m a social media expert.”  Their twitter handle says…hopefully.  Really?

Mark Zuckerberg is a Social Media Expert – You Are Not.

Being a business oriented social media expert is more than setting up twitter and hooking up your autospam RSS feed to automatically propagate your pabulum to the masses.

It’s listening and connecting. It’s closing.

If you don’t have relationships that you can get business from, you don’t have business relationships.

It’s making actual sales to humans you met on the social channels.  People that have had their careers abandon them that have struck out to become a “Social Media Expert” are (largely) pandering smug idiots with nothing to good to give.

They are taking money from real businesses to defer the implosion of their careers.  The economy is different, we’re in a permanent recession. There aren’t cushy jobs that you can just show up at, have a bunch of meetings and win.  They are all toast now. Just blathgering on Social Media has no value.

I am a Telephone Expert

The best people – the experts – close stuff.  That’s the point of Social Media (and yes, you have to build relationships to do it.  But look, if you’re not CLOSING STUFF, you don’t HAVE RELATIONSHIPS.)

If I went around telling people I was a Telephone expert, and that I should be paid an assload of money, I’d be laughed off the face of the earth.

Social media is just that. It’s a way of talking.  It’s self explanatory. Yes, you might want to have a marcom person help you get congruent.

It’s going to be true for years to come. I am an expert at getting people on the phone and making a good deal.

I am good at listening to people on Twitter and pitching when it’s time.

I can close people because it’s in their best interests.

I can’t trick anyone or “get reach”  I can just pick my targets, call people up and close.  It seems that the actual act of selling is too vulgar for most social media experts.