Ten Things Freelancers Need To Know About Sales

Marketing is Too Slow: Freelancers Need Sales, Too.

Space, I can recover. Time, never.” – Napoleon. TFTDnappy

Marketing is too slow.  Even cheap marketing that works perfectly is too slow for some things.

When you have till Friday to make your car payment, you can’t build a list, give value to the list, and sell to the list.  You don’t have time.  You need money, don’t have time.

Sales fixes that.  Done right, it’s clear that you’re in a people helping business.  Done right, sales is the difference maker.  When your marketing is backed by a bit–just a little bit–of people helping sales skills…then you become unstoppable.

When you can reach out to old leads and bring them back with a good conversation that helps all parties, then you’re getting sales.  The problem with sales is that nobody wants to be the Herb Tarlek. Nobody likes rejection, nobody wants to be a corporate jerk.  You didn’t become a freelancer to do that.

“Speed Is the Essence Of War” -Sun Tzu

A problem is this: you need work on a continuous basis.   The marketing, follow up and everything that you want your freelance business to have can’t be made because you have to take lousy work.  Then you get the stink of desperation on you and you can’t get out of the rut.  You are working for less money in your freelance business, but you’re in control, right?

Look, the way that you need to think of sales is this: Spend an hour a day doing what you don’t want to do so you don’t worry for the other 23 hours.

The Ten Things Freelancers Need To Know About Sales:

1.)  You start with the other person’s best interests at heart.  This is hard when you’re broke.  But say it all the time, use the language, and make yourself believe.  When you’re in people-helping mode, you are not focused on your self, your worries, and you’re gonna make money.

2.) You’re offering a SPECIFIC service that people want.  When you contact people, you’re looking for low hanging fruit, something that can take a day.

3.) You clearly define expectations as part of the process.  They reject the OFFER.  Remake or revise the offer.

4.) You need to be willing to walk away–it’s hard when you’re flat broke, but selling just an hour a day fixes that problem.

5.) You’re in it for the long haul.  Relationships, not churn is your game plan.

6.) It’s not about you–it’s about them.  If they don’t need what you offer, it’s fine.

7.)  It’s a smart numbers game (Jeffrey Gitomer).  You want raving fans.

8.) People are repelled by greed based fast talking salesmen.

9.) Noncustomers must feel like you really care.  My BEST referrals are from someone that will never buy.

10.)  People that already know you are your best source of sales info.

One hour a day, and then you make six figures.  It’s an honest truth.  I sell for about 2 hours a day, and I’m paying debt at  clip of about $5500/month.  Do I like sales?  Sometimes yes, sometimes I don’t have the energy.  But, I know that if my back is on the wall, I can go make money and I can get off a plane anywhere and be relevant.

One of the lessons I learned: When you put the OTHER PERSON first, you don’t feel rejected, you don’t feel anything.