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The Blog These Days

At some point, I wanted to make this into a big damn epic blog.  I did some GTD type SEO posts, I still rank for “Loan Officer Business Plan.”   But as far as this goes, it was too indecisive to make for a great “blog.”

So I played with other domains and I shuttered this for a while.

Now, my primary interest is in making Simplifilm as good as it can get.  To me, that means a lot of my time goes into that project, at the expense of recreational writing.  I know that Travelogue/itinerary blogs are dull as hell, but I’m compelled to write, so I do that here.

I have a lot of interesting things going on, I’ve got a future that will be whatever I want it to be.  Writing about it as it happens is BSing…bragging….whatever.

Instead, I’ll simply write what my life is, what’s happening.  I don’t expect anyone to read it.

If you want, contact me:  I answer regularly.

Otherwise, be well.  Be insanely well.