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The News Today, Oh, Boy

A day in my life:

Wake: ~6:30-7a.  Get out.  Sometimes take the kids to school.  Sometimes don’t.
Office: 7:30-10a.  Work for 2-3 hours, mostly catch up and email follow up.  This includes coffee.
Ideally: Gym.  10-11:30.  Usually phone calls.
11:30-12 some type of lunch.  Often something liquid, but from GNC.
12:-230.  Ideally, writing.  Often: phone calls.
2:30-4:30  Low energy work that I shouldn’t do.  Or phone calls.
4:30-7?  Ideally family stuff.  Often gym or catching up and recovering from LOW ENERGY nonsense.  That should improve.  Hopefully that gets better
7:-10 scripts and reading.  More likely other things.

11: ideally bed.  More likely screwing around on the internet®.