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There are many points of friction, opportunities for success or failure in our business.

We’re remaking Simplifilm to be the best it can be and what we’re considering is the way that the most important people that we know actually interact with our business.

This isn’t theory it’s what actually happens.  Chances are, it can all be better.

Our goal is to be competent, friendly, and organized. Planned out, as if we have done everything we can to think on behalf of our customers.  We want to learm the nicest, best way to do something and do that.

Here is a partial list of things that we are addressing – not yet fully organized.

We want them to say “hey cool” or “nifty” after every single touchpoint as they interact with us.  This is the goal.


  • How do we show our people we always respect them and are happy to get their business?
  • How do we show the process is something we’re in charge of and communicate confidence so people relax?
  • What do we do if stuff goes sideways?
  • What do we do when there’s a delay?
  • Whet do we do when others, outside our organization act testy and get unprofessional? (hint: refund)


Before we sell, we set the tone and expectations.  Are we doing this well?

  • What does the website look  like?  Is it clear? Is it friendly?
  • What do people see when they request a quote?
  • Do people understand the process?
  • How are people
  • What do people see when they ask for more information?
  • What happens after they request a quote.
Contract and Billing Issues.
A lot of time is spent with the client dealing with contract and billing issues.  Instead of coldly sending off an invoice we should take the time to really carefully consider this particular set of issues.
  • Is the contract we use beautiful to look at?
  • Is the wording clear?
  • Can we set up options electronically?
  • Can we sign it electronically?
  • Does it spell out what’s what?
  • Is it friendly enough?
  • How do we handle gentle collection notices?
  • How do we nudge people to get paid?
  • How do we communicate that we watermark?

Right after the sale:

  • What do they get when they buy?
  • What social object can we send during the process?
  • How can we send them something of value within one day of getting a check?
  • What do they need to get for us?
  • How can help them do that?
Speecing/Scoping the work
  • How do we measure how much they want to be involved?
  • How do we establish the tone we want to strike?
  • How do we confirm the way we present their logo?
  • How do we get the details right in the beginning?
Presentation of work:
This is about how we share what we’re doing with the customers.  We want to take the time to do it right. We want to think it through so we become a platform.
  • How do we present the initial work to them?
  • How do we encourage accords and finished work?
  • How do we get feedback – without entering revision hell?
  • How do we increase the satisfaction?
  • What order do we spit things out?  (Logo reveal, first scene?)
  • How do we present it? Do we make a movie that explains our thinking?  (Yes).
After the sale:
  • What memorializes our time together?
  • How do we stay in touch after this happens?
  • How do we track progress?
  • How do we make ourselves available for future business?
  • How do we show that we were grateful?
  • How do we champion our clients?
  • How  do we champion the whole ecosystem?
  • How do we introduce our clients to other clients?
This is just a start – we want to figure out where all the points of friction are and handle them with more grace and class than anyone else. We want to improve the process .  We want to be high tech and high touch.
When I was a mortgage guy, I had a really nice online ap. I had really good work done. I learned that people always liked it better when I took the application over the phone. We want to make it enhanced self service. We want to do what the customer likes and have a process that adapts to figure it out .
Well keep going here and executing ideas.