in Sales


I’m really, really good at working with people like me.  I’m also good at finding them.  Is that enough? I used to think so.  But now, as I’m a little older, I see there are a bunch of people younger than me in the workforce.  If we are meant to work for 40 years -between 25-65 (and I think it should be 25-75), this means that 1/3 of the people are younger than I am.  I have lived out 30% of my career.

Each year, there will be more people on the other side of the line.

And there are women, people in other cultures.  Loads of people that aren’t the “white dudes born in the nixon, ford and carter administrations.”   

How versatile am I? I don’t really know.  Is it critical I get better?  Don’t know that, either.