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Working The Low End

I remember this time last year.

I was haggling websites with Realtors and Mortgage people that I was basically contemptuous of. (Why I allowed contempt to enter my thinking is a whole other character defect, but I digress).  Everything was life and death.  At $600-1000 a pop, I was haggling all of them, trying to do them, and trying to make things happen a step at a time.

I had too many projects – by far- to do any of them well.  Try doing 20 websites at $789 as an average ticket.  That’s 20 server deployments, 20 themes, 40 designs, 100+ revisions, 140 emails, and probably 3-4 refunds (and I deserved more).

You’re always busy, you never have time to think. Every dime is blood money.

That’s the low end. Lots of volume. Opportunities for mistakes. Not enough money to do anything because it relies on selling LOADS of itself to be profitable.

You can enter a race to the low end, or you can ignore it.